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US warns of ‘severe consequences’ if Iran carries out revenge attack over Soleimani  

On Monday, Iran threatened that the “hard revenge” for the killing of Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani will come from “within” the U.S. Iranian Brigadier General Esmaeil Qaani delivered a speech on the anniversary of the “martyrdom” of Soleimani, where he stated:

We will prepare ground for the hard revenge against the US from within their homes, as we do not need to be present as supervisors everywhere, wherever is necessary we take revenge against Americans by the help of people on their side and within their own homes without our presence.

Iran habitually talks tough. But it remains to be seen whether the regime will test the resolve of a weak, waffling Biden administration. However, given Iran’s fragile economy, water woes, and desperate need for “friends” to accept a nuke deal that will see billions flow into its coffers, Iran’s talk is more likely empty bravado intended to intimidate.

Ayatollah Khamenei recently urged his country to maintain “religious zeal” during “trying times.”

This regime is unpredictable; still, the American threat of retaliation is welcome.

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David Dangcil 07:50 14.01.2022
Unfortunately, Biden is a scared little boy and won’t do anything!
Anna Payton 05:13 14.01.2022
Twitter should be shut down, because they are promoting Iran on twitter.
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