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IDF Counts 6,900 Lone Soldiers; Half Come From 73 Different Countries

The lone soldier label applies to recruits who serve with no parental support in Israel. This includes Israeli natives who are orphans or have no ties to their parents, constituting some 48 percent of all lone soldiers.

The Algemeiner reports that a breakdown of countries published by the military last week showed some contributed hundreds of lone soldiers to the IDF, with 610 lone soldiers coming from the United States, as well as 488 from Russia, 332 from Ukraine, and 264 from France.

Multiple countries contributed dozens of recruits, with 98 soldiers immigrating from Argentina, while 80 soldiers came from each Britain and South Africa. Brazil contributed 63 recruits, ahead of countries including Canada (51), Kazakhstan (38), Colombia (23), Ethiopia (19), and India (13).

Source - The Algemeiner - Image - Alexi Rosenfeld/IDF Spokesperson Unit

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I would too if i was young enough love and prayers for them all.
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Brave men and women
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Do they have a USO type of organization? Do the people take them in for holidays?