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Ukraine demands Iron Dome, blasts Israel for lack of military support

Ukrainian ambassador to Israel demands that Jewish State furnish military support and publicly take embattled country’s side in the conflict.

During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel slammed the Jewish state for not providing the embattled country with military support. He said his country was interested in purchasing the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Yevgen Korniychuk told reporters that Israel refused to agree to a transfer of its advanced anti-tank missiles to the war zone after Americans had offered to transfer the weapons from Germany to Ukraine.

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Mark Brajnikoff 19:50 29.06.2022
I have relatives in the Ukraine who are facing daily artillery bombardment. The never were Nazis. They are just honest, hard working people, trying to survive. And, yes...they are Jewish.
Dalya Horowitz 14:33 08.06.2022
Of all the nerve! Israel sent docs, nurses,every kind of help to these ungrateful jerks who, btw, we're some of the most enthusiastic Nazis during the Holocaust. K
Rhoda Wright 10:38 08.06.2022
Like Israel doesn’t have their own hands full of terrorists to deal with ! Besides that Israel has helped Ukraine a lot in many different ways . All while dealing with several other countries violenc
La Jun 04:53 08.06.2022
Ukraine government lied. They're trying to cover up their crimes against their own people. Zelensky deceived the entire world.. He's about to be exposed TREASON will be his end
Marine x 04:04 08.06.2022
Ukraine has no right to demand anything from anyone
Henry Lee 03:48 08.06.2022
Israel just trying it's best not to escalate the war. Still hoping for a peaceful negotiation. Blessed Are the Peacemakers. They are children of God. Amen!