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UAE Writer: Arab Expulsion of the Jews Was a Disastrous Mistake

Emirati writer Salam Hamid, founder and head of the Al-Mezmaah Studies and Research Center in Dubai, published an article titled "The Cost of the Expulsion of the Arab Jews" in the UAE daily Al-Ittihad, in which he lamented the expulsion of the Jews from the Arab countries following the establishment of Israel in 1948. 

This expulsion, he said, was a grave mistake, since the Arab countries thereby "lost an elite population with significant wealth, property, influence, knowledge, and culture," which could have helped them  in many spheres, especially in the financial sphere. 

The Arabs, he added, should have learned a lesson from the expulsion of the Jews of Spain in 1492, and from Hitler's expulsion of the Jews of Europe, which eventually harmed the countries that lost their Jews. 


Does the article interest you?
Dalya Horowitz 05:11 06.06.2022
Kind of like closing the barn door after the horse has run away, but okay, at least he makes sense.
Laura D 22:27 05.06.2022
Well done to him!
Barbara Press 21:38 05.06.2022
All Arabs should learn from these wise words, instead of spewing hatred.