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Nasrallah to the Americans: We will CRUSH you in the battle for Syria

The leader of the Lebanese "Hezbollah" militia, Hassan Nasrallah, believes, with reference to the popular demonstrations against the regime in Suwayda and Daraa in southern Syria, that what is happening today in Syria is an American project with the support of Arab and Islamic countries

.Nasrallah believes that the talks about the US intention to place armed groups between al-Tanf and al-Bukmal in order to close the Syrian-Iraqi border (for the free passage of militias loyal to Iran) are all "illusions and dreams", because "the Syrian regime and the axis of resistance (of the militias)

He added: "If the Americans want to fight themselves (against Iran and its allies, of which it is one), they are welcome, and this will be the real battle that will change all the equations."

NEWSRAEL: This is a reminder to the BIDEN administration that Hezbollah is the enemy of the USA

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Kelly Plott 23:56 01.09.2023
He acts like he wants the USA to go down
Kelly Plott 23:55 01.09.2023
It’s sad to say but I don’t think Biden wants us to be the land of the free.
Simone Anita 20:23 01.09.2023
@Selina .. I love your comment but first he has to leave the Cave his living in for the past 30 decades
Selina 20:04 01.09.2023
We will crush you like potato chips! We will crush you like crispy crackers! We will crush you like a soda can! Man, that's a whole lotta crushin goin on. 🤪