Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
Israel and Islamic Jihad

The terrorist organization, founded by students, built its power in the 1980s with the help of Tehran. Since then, the GSS and the IDF have been trying to thwart its steps and expose its infrastructure.  Recently, jihad has intensified in Jenin. If the escaped prisoners arrive in the city, the IDF is expected to have a very difficult battle.

The basis for the establishment of Islamic Jihad began with the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the late 1970s and the rise of Khomeini to power. The spirit that fueled the Muslim Brotherhood's military activity in Egypt, culminating in the assassination of President Anwar Sadat in 1981, also inspired the organization, as well as the military activity of political Islam in Sudan, which led to the establishment of a Sharia law-based military regime.

A small group of students in Egypt formed the small and extremist organization, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (GAP). To Shiites, in order to liberate Palestine from Israel and take a violent approach - by way of terrorism.

This approach helped connect with Iran, which would later lead to a permanent pipeline for the transfer of funds from Tehran to the territories. In the years 1986-1987, jihad operatives led murderous attacks that overshadowed Hamas' terrorism, which was initially perceived as more social than religious. The terror perpetrated by the GAP assisted in raising donations, but years later led to the expulsion of senior members of the organization from the territories to Lebanon, including Shakaki.In November 1994, the strongest signal was given to change the trend in relation to the organization's activists and senior officials, when Hani Abed, one of the organization's leaders in Gaza, was killed in a car bomb blast.

Image: Flash 90

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Rhoda Wright 10:51 18.09.2021
Only cursing themselves for all eternity!
Rhoda Wright 10:50 18.09.2021
But instead they use their education for ways to just kill & destroy! It shows they've really learned nothing, of importance! It's too bad they don't understand the Love that God taught ! They are
Rhoda Wright 10:46 18.09.2021
It is totally so unbelievable that there is so much hatred in the world for Jewish people, you'd think that even with Education they would learn that this is not healthy for anyone !
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