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SIG Sauer Acquires Israel’s General Robotics

This acquisition is part of SIG Sauer’s effort to become a one-stop shop for land systems: weapons, ammunition, optics, research and development and now remote weapon systems

SIG Sauer, a provider and manufacturer of firearms, electro-optics, ammunition, airguns, suppressors, remote controlled weapons stations, and training announced last week the acquisition of General Robotics, an Israeli manufacturers of lightweight remote weapon stations and tactical robotics for manned and unmanned platforms and anti-drone applications. The amount of the purchase was not disclosed.

Ron Cohen, President and CEO, SIG Sauer, Inc. said, “This acquisition will greatly enhance SIG Sauer’s growing portfolio of advanced weapon systems. The team at General Robotics is leading the way in the development of intuitive, lightweight remote weapon stations with their battle-proven solution.” 

Recently, the U.S. Army selected the SIG Sauer lightweight machine gun (XM250), automatic rifle (XM7), and high-pressure hybrid ammunition for the Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) program, representing a historic step forward in weapons technology. The NGSW program is currently in the early stages of adoption and the U.S. Army will field the weapons at the squad level in 2023. 

Thus, SIG Sauer explicitly mentions an initial possible application. Both types of weapon are perfectly compatible with the light weapon system developed by General Robotics and would thus offer SIG Sauer entry into the field of vehicle armament as well as the field of defense against small drones, which is becoming increasingly important. A first possible solution was shown in Live Shot as part of the Shot Show 2023 in January this year. A General Robotics weapon station equipped with the XM250 was integrated on a Polaris MRZR.

“The combination of the General Robotics remote weapons station with SIG Sauer’s lightweight squad weapons and high-pressure hybrid ammunition will revolutionize small arms for military forces worldwide.  This acquisition exponentially increases the capabilities of our lightweight weapon systems delivering transformative advancements in mobility, greater lethality and battle-tested force protection for today’s warfighters,” continued Cohen.

Image - General Robotics

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Marine x 17:23 20.03.2023
This is very bad news for Israel
Syble Presswood 16:26 20.03.2023
This is good news,as it helps in the war against terrorism!