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Is George Soros dangerous? Absolutely. To INDIA also!

NEWSRAEL: George Soros is not only dangerous to the USA. He and his myriad of groups have been stirring up in Israel for years. Lately, his groups have been funded to work their mischief in India. Here is the story from one of India's biggest newspapers.

George Soros elaborated in a lecture in Germany that the controversy surrounding Indian tycoon Gautam Adani's business empire may damage PM Modi's "stranglehold on India's national government and provide a platform for promoting urgent institutional reforms. I could be foolish, but I think democracy will flourish again in India."

True, the Adani Group has been put under intense scrutiny, but the investigation is still ongoing. This means that Soros is simply making assumptions here without providing substantive evidence.

And ironically, while Soros is commenting on the unethical-ness of Modi and Adani’s close relationship, let’s not forget that George Soros has invested over $128 MILLION USD since January 2021 to Democratic candidates and causes.

How has India reacted?

The BJP- India's ruling party- responded to Soros' remarks by asserting objectively that he was not only directly attacking the country's prime minister but also its democratic system.

Furthermore, EAM Dr. S Jaishankar stated that Soros is a dangerous person who is sitting in New York and is essentially an outsider interfering in Indian politics—as India experienced during colonial times. "Mr Soros is an old, rich, opinionated person sitting in New York who still believes that his views should determine how the entire world works," Jaishankar said. I'd put it away if I could stop at old, wealthy, and opinionated. However, he is old, wealthy, opinionated, and dangerous."

Jaishankar went on to say that what makes people like George Soros dangerous is that he invests in creating a false, anti-India narrative under the guise of advocating for an open society.

Source: Times of India

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Make America great again Donald Trump for president
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He is pure evil
Jeanne Ferguson 21:13 18.03.2023
Another soldier of the Anti-Christ.
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