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REMINDER: When Trump said the Hunter Biden laptop was real - WATCH!

Two years ago, Donald Trump told CBS’s Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes the Hunter Biden laptop was real and should be covered by the media.

Stahl said it couldn’t be verified and fobbed him off. 

Two years later, Trump is reinstated back to Twitter, CBS says they're leaving the platform but immediately returns, and now they're covering Hunter's laptop.

Does the article interest you?
CaptJinx Marine 03:33 23.11.2022
Lessly pushed the unverified trump russia bs.
Jeane Frady 00:15 23.11.2022
My President Trump speaks true!!!
Tony Pettitt 00:02 23.11.2022
They didn’t verify it because they knew if they did they would have to report on it. They wanted Joe Biden to win if it would have been one of trumps kids they would have detectives researching it!!!!
23:53 22.11.2022
…. antisemitic, anti Israel. I stopped watching them (CBS) ages ago. Useless and truthless network.
Desiree Siefkas 23:03 22.11.2022
CBS will soon be history because of dishonesty, deceit, and lying on TV to protect the left. Our Lord Adonai gave us the Ten Commandments to be obedient.
Md Lp 22:07 22.11.2022
CBS is a fraud network.