Woman arrested after hurling threats, spitting at Brooklyn Jewish children

“Hitler should have killed you all,” she told them. “I’ll kill you and know where you live.”

The Algemeiner has reported that the New York police arrested a woman on hate crime charges after she allegedly threatened to kill a group of Jewish children on a Brooklyn street, spitting on an 8-year-old boy.

Twenty-one-year-old Christina Darling is facing charges of aggravated harassment and menacing as hate crimes, the NYPD announced Friday, after an investigation by Hate Crimes Task Force Detectives.

On Friday, Jan 14., she was seen on camera spitting at a group of three Jewish siblings in the Marine Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.

“Hitler should have killed you all,” she told them. “I’ll kill you and know where you live.”

The woman then spat in the face of the 8-year-old, who was playing with his siblings aged 7 and 2, before fleeing.

The victims’ father, Aryah Fried, told local CBS2 news on Wednesday that his son leapt to the defense of his younger sister after Darling made the vile Hitler comment.

“I gotta teach him not to engage, but he engaged. And she came running back at him, spat in his face and told him we will kill you all, I know where you live, and we’ll make sure to get you all next time,” Fried said.

“To do it to anybody is obviously problematic, but for an adult to do it to a child is just beyond crazy,” he added.

Image: Surveillance footage of the suspect in the Jan. 14, 2022 attack on Jewish children in Brooklyn, New York. (NYPD)

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Desiree Siefkas 16:11 23.01.2022
The crazy woman has the Spirit of Satan.
Robert Van 13:30 23.01.2022
This Is a real low life P.O.S.
Pamela Hackner 13:07 23.01.2022
She should be thrown into prison and the key thrown away. I hope she did not have health problems, with spitting at the children spreading diseases.
Michael Sosne 12:29 23.01.2022
JEWISH people NEED to get engaged at take it to these pigs. ACTION not stand and take it. Let these anti semits have it right back and more. NEVER AGAIN!!!! I DID
David Russell 12:16 23.01.2022
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