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VIDEO from 2018: Netanyahu tells the world he agrees with Hamas!

"That is why we are fighting", said Netanyahu, "And you would too!" he adds.

Netanyahu: Are you ready for a REAL shocker?

Watch this video from 2018: Then Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu agrees with terrorist organization Hamas, with their co-founder Mahmoud Al-Azhar, their leader Yahya Sinwar and their Senior Official Salah Bardawil and urges everyone to do exactly the same!

The Hamas say clearly (in their charter) that they aim to kill all of the Jewish people. Their leaders teach their people that Jews need to be eradicated. 

Does the article interest you?
01:07 03.10.2022
Lying press as usual!! BB is saying exactly the opposite.!! You freakin fake media
Jeanne Ferguson 16:12 02.10.2022
This shows how easy it is for the press to twist things and lie.
Tony Pettitt 13:05 02.10.2022
Again the press  manipulates their words to proclaim something that is totally opposite of what they sayNetanyahu only agreed that the Palestinians are only want to kill every Jew alive!!!!!
12:09 02.10.2022
Very well said! People need to hear this - Hamas isn’t the type of organization that can be reasoned with in the hope of making peace!
Edith Grumbles 11:08 02.10.2022
Wow !! I would’ve never thought this at all. Sad 😢
John Naulu 11:07 02.10.2022
I also agree with Hamas and it’s cohorts. They simply asking Israel 🇮🇱 to send them all to 🔥🔥🔥