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Yossi Cohen: "Iran is no closer to achieving nuclear military capability than in the past"

Former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen said today (Tuesday) at the Jerusalem Post conference that Iran is no closer to acquiring nuclear weapons than it once was. Cohen's statement referred to reports that Iran is a few weeks away from obtaining materials for the production of a nuclear bomb. He attributed the halt to the progress of the nuclear program to "the ongoing and lengthy efforts of forces around the world." 

"The claim that Iran is in a better position than before - to my knowledge this is a false statement," he said at a conference in Jerusalem. "Iranian facilities have fewer capabilities to do things they could have done in the past, and they have less international support than they had in the past." 

Cohen clarified that "Israel will always defend itself. If Iran decides to take the 'wrong turn', Israel will have to respond. The nuclear agreement will have to be reformulated, on more than one issue."

"I'm not in politics, I'm in business," he replied to the rumor mill about his future plans. About a year after the signing of the normalization agreements, Cohen, who participated in the secret contacts between the parties, expressed hope that more countries would join. "I hope and pray that the move will continue. It is outdated to be in a relationship that is not as good as these."

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Byron Scherer 16:22 12.10.2021
Delusional at his own peril. Ezekiel 38 will happen an The Israel I dearly love will be on the brink of annihilation 10's of thousands of people will have been killed before Christ intercede at Carmel
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