Arab Crime Wave in Israel
BREAKING - Video: Deployed by helicopters, 1,200 Israeli police raid homes of Bedouin suspects

In an unusual operation carried out in southern Israel on Wednesday, helicopters deployed police officers to Bedouin towns near Rahat, where they conducted searches for illegal weapons.

About 1,200 policemen and border guards from the Negev region and other forces went out today (Wednesday) to carry out an enforcement operation in Bedouin localities in the south, in order to locate weapons, drugs, and fight economic crime.

Police have invited journalists to document the operation, which comes amid public criticism of police and government handling of the issue. The police said that a number of government ministries participated in the activity and that police officers from the Negev region took part along with fighters from the Negev SWAT Unit, fighters from the Negev Squadron, Negev Squadron detectives, Yoav unit fighters, Border Police fighters and special units.

Residents questioned the success of the law enforcement's videotaped attempts to bring order to the area. Michael Lev, one of the leaders in the fight against crime in the south, said: "In my opinion, this is a show to show that they are working. In practice, we all know that they do not have enough manpower to take over the entire area. The police must show a presence every minute in the Negev."

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darrel snider 11:29 25.11.2021
I see a great job
Dr Mordehai 10:18 25.11.2021
I live there it’s a really good thing that Israel makes all its citizens respect the rules and laws.
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