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Khamenei is changing the strategy of Iran 

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has decided to change Iran's strategy and go "head to head" against the powers and Israel over Iran's nuclear deal and military presence in Syria. The rules of the game have changed, Iran has moved to an aggressive policy and Israel must respond accordingly.

In the United States and Israel, the military activities of the Quds Force of the Iranian "Revolutionary Guards" in Syria and Iraq are being closely monitored. He is slowly starting to step into the big shoes of Qassem Suleimani according to the instructions of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Following U.S. airstrikes on pro-Iranian militias on the Syrian-Iraqi border and Israeli airstrikes on Iranian military targets in Syria, Iran has decided to move to more aggressive military policies in Iraq and Syria.

The first expression of this is given in the first attack on the American base in Tanaf in Syria.

The Tanaf base has about 400 American soldiers and civilians, it is located in Syrian territory in the border triangle with Jordan and Iraq, the Pentagon confirmed the attack and said that the US reserves the right to respond at any time it chooses.

One should pay attention to the issue of Iranian drones which is becoming a very important issue in the Middle East, the Iranians use them very effectively to attack targets in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan and also to attack Western ships in the middle of the sea, they tried several times to attack targets in Israel. The Israeli managed to intercept them.

Security officials in Israel warn of future attacks by Iranian suicide bombers on targets in Israel, the IDF must prepare accordingly.

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Julia Ramirez 13:44 30.10.2021
Time for Israel to let loose JUDGEMENT. Let them know they made a BIG BOO BOO. NOW time to PAY.
Julia Ramirez 13:41 30.10.2021
Take the gloves off Israel...let them know they've made a BIIIIG mistake and now it's time for judgement!
darrel snider 10:50 30.10.2021
Well time to kill them Israel eliminate him first
Byron Scherer 05:36 30.10.2021
They are to invade Israel to their own peril Ezekiel says they will
Susan Medrano 04:17 30.10.2021
Arrogance has an awful spiritual & physical smell. Everytime I see or hear their lies I get I'll. I can smell them across the oceans. They must be crushed!
Susan Medrano 04:14 30.10.2021
Supreme Leader? In his own mind, God's people are so much wiser & I am praying every threat that comes from their mouths makes them vomit w the stench of arrogance!
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