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Report: Israel knocked out 2 air-defense batteries, 2 Iranian radars in Syria

Recently, the Arab media reported on the visit of the Syrian Minister of Defense, Major General Ali Mahmoud Abbas, to Iran, and immediately after that, the Commander of the Syrian Air Force and Air Defense, Major General Qasr al-Janim, visited Tehran.

During this visit, an Iranian-Syrian agreement was signed to transfer an Iranian air defense system of the "Khordad 15" type to Syria, a step that comes as part of the response to the Israeli attack on the village of Susa in the heart of Damascus, after Russia withdrew the S-300 system from Syria to use it in the war with Ukraine.

It is important to emphasize that Iran has previously transferred parts of the "Power 373" air defense system, which is a more modern system in terms of capabilities and has a greater range than the new system, "Khordad 15", and it also failed to stop the Israeli attacks.

In fact, more than that, Israel destroyed, in its recent attacks, two batteries of the same sophisticated system, the first in  the Zabadani area and the second in Alkisawa. 

Israel also destroyed two radar stations of the "Power 373" system without the new Iranian air defense systems being able to defend themselves.

So the obvious question, which every Syrian asks himself, how will the "Khordad 15" Iranian batteries protect the Assad regime??

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Launch a palestinian pogram in all of Israel!
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