The Iranian Threat
BREAKING!!! Netanyahu speaks to the world about Iran in Twitter video!

"To change Iran’s calculus, the leading powers of the world must present Iran with a different choice!"

He may be "only" the leader of the Knesset opposition, but he still has a standing in world politics.


Source: Netanyahu Twitter Account

# The Iranian Threat # Benyamin Netanyahu
Rodney Dotson 00:25 20.03.2022
Why’s our world “full of chaos 24/7”.Last days are supposed to be worse before they get better hey,we deserve this by allowing our “Strong”leaders to be voted out!?! Biden is doing the best he can to⬇
Rodney Dotson 23:59 19.03.2022
Armageddon 🔜 2nd Coming of Christ 🔜 Millennium 🔜 the end of this mortal existence 🔜the bar of Judgment🔜 begging of eternal Celestial life (when we pass all the tests by becoming like Him!
Rodney Dotson 23:41 19.03.2022
IRAN = ancient Babylon & combining sino (China) & Slavic tribes (Russia) makes the trio that war against Israel in the Last Days called the WAR of ARMAGEDDON!!! See if you can put these 4 text togethe
Rodney Dotson 23:04 19.03.2022
With EMF (taking-out computers (no missiles)! Armageddon will be by foot soldiers (Russia, Babylon, & China) 🔜 Israel, the only hope of Israel is the 2nd Coming of Christ saving His Covenant people!
Rodney Dotson 22:35 19.03.2022
Actually, we’re their 1st target (when the progressive/Left makes us “Ripe” for destruction by EMF), then without USA to intervene, Armageddon, & only the Christ can & will save Israel His 2nd Coming!
21:45 19.03.2022
Bibi speaks true, just like President Trump!!!! Wake up world!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
21:07 19.03.2022
HE IS WITH TRUMP! There’s a reason Israel and USA look “weak”. Corrupt “regimes”! USA + Israel = UNSTOPPABLE!! Trump and Bibi to wrap it up! ❤️💙 The USA stands with Israel!❤️💙
21:07 19.03.2022
Funny how they got the two greatest leaders out of power so they could make our world full of Chaos 24/7. God help us He is sitting on Throne🙏
Moshe Moses 11:06 23.02.2022
Benjamin Netanyahu was the best Israeli prime minister, unfortunately the new prime minister of 🇮🇱Israel is very weak leader, I pray to G-d for a miracle that he &his traitorous gov fall soon Amen
Richard Adkins 09:02 29.01.2022
08:43 29.01.2022
Lord, I stand with Your people “Israel” forgive us of our evil ways, have mercy on us Father, change our hearts, minds and spirits. You, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, who died on the cross.
08:17 29.01.2022
No nation has the guts to stop Iran. Only Israel can.
08:16 29.01.2022
Netanyahu is absolutely correct. The world is turning a blind eye to Iran’s nuclear development. These world 🌎 leaders are Anti Israel and Anti Jewish including Biden. Only Israel can obliterate
John Tucker 15:50 07.01.2022
Netanyahu, is speaking truth, the world 🌎 should listen to him, I will always be on your side Israel, be at peace Jerusalem.
14:57 07.01.2022
We stand with u Israel
10:04 07.01.2022
Netanyahu was and is a very strong and respectable leader. The Israeli’s are desparately disappointed at the choice they made on election day. No doubt he will be back should there be n next election
09:20 07.01.2022
Continue: Israel 🇮🇱 is the only nation can obliterate their nuclear power. When do we whack them ? “ I say now.
09:16 07.01.2022
I honestly believe Benjamin N I like the last phrase. Strong Military Action. The time of talking is over, it’s like farting but no Shit” Nearly all nations of the world has turn a blind eye. I
Debbie Klein 07:57 07.01.2022
Don't trust much people these days.but praying.
07:04 07.01.2022
Netanyahu always is a lier and never says the truth!!!! I don’t believe him never!!!!
Byron Scherer 02:56 30.12.2021
Like him allot just wish he was smart enough to believe truth. He is so right about Persia
Marcy Maloch 19:19 29.12.2021
We stand with Israel and I agree with Netanyahu. He smart & stands strong against opposition. He’s a strong leader unlike the U.S. weak Alzheimer fake president . He no leader he’s lead by dictators
Desiree Siefkas 19:11 29.12.2021
Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is highly educated. He spent many years in higher education in America including Harvard then going back home to Israel 🇮🇱. completed higher studies in Israe
Robert Van 19:08 29.12.2021
Iranian regime are nothing but thugs and murderers. They have to be CRUSHED.
Robbie Temple 19:06 29.12.2021
We all must stand with Israel .
19:05 29.12.2021
He speaks true!!! 🙏🙏🙏🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
Charles Littman 18:09 29.12.2021
Why will the world be surprised one morning to see and hear of massive anilation on the Persian quest for weapons of mass destruction that Also threatens Two Dozen neighboring defenseless countries ?
Hephzibah Breuer 06:51 29.12.2021
Netanyahu is still a very strong leader and carries respect in the world unlike few leaders that I know of my advice ... take note of what he says!!!
20:18 06.12.2021
Cindy Stromberg 18:08 06.12.2021
17:43 06.12.2021
Netanyahu has always been clear in Iran and nuclear power. The clarity is in this equation: Iran + Nucleur power = mass destruction with Israel # 1 on the list!!! O ask u : do u give a bully a weapon?
darrel snider 17:23 06.12.2021
Rickey Butterworth 17:07 06.12.2021
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