Lebanon Crises
A new organization in Lebanon to oppose Hezbollah

NEWSRAEL: This news item should be seen as part of the general pressure being put on Hezbollah which is growing in the Sunni part of the Middle east. An organization such as this even a tear or two ago would have been impossible in Lebanon.

200 Lebanese people participated in yesterday in the launch of a new organization against the Iranian presence in Lebanon, the "National Council for the Removal of the Iranian Occupation from Lebanon." 

According to reports in the Arab media, this is an effort to find a solution to the crisis in Lebanon resulting from the Iranian occupation and the Iranian involvement in building the country through Hezbollah weapons. 

The launch of the council was attended by 165 exiled Lebanese figures and 30 figures in Beirut. The person who was elected to head the council temporarily is former Member of Parliament and former Minister, Ahmad Patfat (pictured).

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Rhoda Wright 06:25 12.01.2022
👍 praying 🙏 for the Lebanese people!
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