"Woke" Tyranny
Producer who quit Canadian broadcaster over ‘radical political agenda’ says American outlets have same issue

Tara Henley told Fox News Digital, 'I have no problem with the woke worldview being in the room... but it can't be the only voice in the room'

Veteran producer Tara Henley, who resigned from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation this week after claiming the network abandoned journalistic integrity to embrace "a radical political agenda," has noticed similar problems at American news organizations. 

"My focus is Canadian media, but I do read quite a lot of the American media as well… I think it's very polarized, and I think on both sides of the spectrum, the working class needs more voice and more representation, and it troubles me," Henley told Fox News Digital. 

"We're not talking to enough people and the views are very limited. They're very narrative-driven, and it's not healthy for democracy," Henley continued. "I have no problem with the woke worldview being in the room. I think we should reflect that view, but it can't be the only voice in the room."

Henley, who identifies as a liberal herself, published her scathing resignation announcement on Substsack, detailing a newsroom stifled by far-left ideology that limits critical thinking and obsesses over race. In her piece, Henley blamed "a radical political agenda that originated on Ivy League campuses in the United States and spread through American social media platforms" whose proponents "monetize outrage and stoke societal divisions" for setting the tone of current media outlets such as the CBC. She feels that too many newsroom-decision makers are products of the prestigious universities that helped create the issue in the first place. 

"I mean, this used to be a working class profession… this is now an elite profession. And we in the media are living alongside and working alongside and having our kids go to school with the other elite," she said. "How can you possibly be adversarial when you're in that same world? Our job is to question." 

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Mike Galarneau 03:21 08.01.2022
A Very Intelligent Woman. 👍
John Hezzekiah 02:14 08.01.2022
FOX news is just as bad as all the others..no difference whatsoever. Fox just HIDES it better to deceive Christian conservatives with stick and carrot using Tucker. NO MSM can be trusted EVER again.
John Hezzekiah 02:09 08.01.2022
God bless this woman for having the courage to stand on the side of righteousness. Hopefully this will landslide everywhere,especially AMERICA where our media is KGB/CCP controlled. Theyre all FELONS!
steven roth 02:06 08.01.2022
How right she is , problem is they don’t realize majority don’t go along with the woke thought , that’s why Fox News is leader , why people are going extreme on right to fight back
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