Peace With Morocco
Israel and Morocco in the Process of Developing a Joint Project to Produce UAVs

The French magazine "Africa Intelligence", known for its reliable sources of political, diplomatic, and economic information about African countries, reported that Israel and Morocco are in the process of developing a project to produce "suicide" UAVs on the land of the kingdom.

Israel has in recent years become an "empire" in the field of UAV production, but according to the magazine, the new agreement will allow it to produce aircraft in Morocco in commercial quantities and at relatively low costs. In addition, the production line in Morocco is close to important export markets, according to the report.

The UAVs that will be produced in Morocco will be intended for attack purposes, but could also carry out intelligence-gathering missions. The report added that the agreement for the joint project comes after several months of successful negotiations between the Moroccan side and the aerospace company BlueBird Aerosystems LTD.

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