Details about the Iranian general abducted by Mossad as part of locating information about the fate of Ron Arad

Informed Iranian sources say that the Iranian general has an impressive resume in the Revolutionary Guards, he is known by his family name "Sabri". The sources claim that he arrived in Beirut after the first Lebanon war in 1982 and trained fighters in Hezbollah. Later, after completing this task, he returned to Iran and was enlisted in the Quds Force, where he worked alongside Qassem Suleimani on a plan to transfer weapons to Lebanon.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, Sabri has joined the team of advisers sent by Iran to work in the country alongside the Assad regime. According to the sources, Sabri chose to live in the Al Maza neighborhood, which is close to the Iranian embassy in the capital Damascus, in order to feel safe due to the fact that the area is networked with advanced surveillance cameras.

Every day, Sabri runs from the embassy compound to his home. About two months ago, while resting from the run, Mossad agents hidden in a minibus that had been parked ahead of time, abducted Sabri and transferred him to Israel. Sources explained that the reason for his abduction was due to the fact that Sabri played a significant role in which he was exposed to information related to the fate of the pilot Ron Arad during the years he was in Lebanon.

Regarding reports of a DNA sample from a body in the village of Navi Guy in Lebanon, the sources noted that the current village was used in the 1980s as a base for the Revolutionary Guards branch in the country.

Back to the kidnapping -

According to the sources, the Mossad managed to bring Sabri to Israel. Upon his arrival, an intensive investigation began in order to extract the necessary information in the fastest time possible, due to the fear that Iran would notice his disappearance and immediately react in one of the arenas against Israel.

At this point, the sources say that the investigation has not yet yielded accurate information regarding Ron's fate. Sabri, who spent several weeks in Israel, was transferred to the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, together with a team of Mossad fighters. There they released him in front of one of the public telephone lines and equipped him with the number of the local Iranian embassy.

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