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UKRAINE CRISIS VIDEO: Biden gets it wrong again

Biden said today that a nuclear power — like Russia — invading another country “hasn’t happened since World War Two.”

Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 while Biden was vice president…

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Rhoda Wright 07:37 23.01.2022
Every single comment here is so true ! Biden is a disgrace to America ! and I think John Tucker hit the nail square on the head !!!
wayne coleman 02:50 23.01.2022
What everyone should be angry with is big media like disgraced CNN, FBI, who lied and brought about this decay.
Robert Mcmaster 02:08 23.01.2022
I think he is overdoing his job at making sure his old boss doesn't look like the worst president in history. He'll have to outdo the 150 billion Obama gave Iran as his going away present. Trader Joe
steven roth 01:13 23.01.2022
Dementia can’t remember what he did in the morning , how do you expect him to remember - few years ago when he was VP , bet he forgot he was
00:43 23.01.2022
USA was once the most respected country in the world and the most hated. But today the USA is nothing but the laughing stock of the whole World.
Jeanne Ferguson 23:41 22.01.2022
It's stupid to think Russia would not hit us with a Nuke. But so is Biden stupid and Harris scares me more than Putin. She's an idiot. At least the Republicans would handle this right.
John Tucker 23:06 22.01.2022
He knows exactly what he is doing, he is doing all this by design, don't forget, one world government. All countries, have to surrender all, to the New world order. This is them working for that.
[email protected] 22:27 22.01.2022
"And this too shall pass" our Lord told me at the beginning of this fiasco in 2021. So i sit back and watch shaking my head and laughing at these comedians called Democrats.
Kenneth Mays 22:18 22.01.2022
He now how to lie big time that all thy do he needs to stick is head up is ass he now how fk the US gives money to people that have not work for it look at borders he fk that up
Stella Hiltpold 22:09 22.01.2022
He is the worst president we have ever had. He lied about President Trump & cannot remember anything. He is senile.
Lavonia Tillis 22:07 22.01.2022
Shows how stupid Biden is....No more fit to be leader of country than a bull moose in a china shop....that's about the kind of damage he is doing to this nation. Kick his butt out!
Anna Payton 22:05 22.01.2022
Hes not President, and he knows it. He said in 2020, and its on video, we have executed the biggest voter fraud in American history. Now he said the 2022 midterms will have cheating in that election.
Danny Brackett 22:04 22.01.2022
Their hate for Trump was so insane they were willing to shoe horn in this mental degenerate