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Unusual move: US sanctions on corrupt people

The United States announced today that it was imposing sanctions on three prominent figures in Lebanon. 

The three are MP Jamil a-Sayed, as well as the two businessmen Jihad al-Arab and Danny Khuri. The reason for the sanctions is "getting rich at the expense of the Lebanese people," that is, corruption. 

Al-Sayed in the past was the head of intelligence is accused of transferring $120 million abroad in violation of banking regulations. The two businessmen close to the politicians have won fat government contracts thanks to their connections.

It should be noted that this is an unusual move as American sanctions on Middle East personalities are usually imposed on those involved in terrorism, terrorist financing and money laundering.

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Dennis Bell 18:28 31.10.2021
I bet that Branden doesn’t know what going on like normal.
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