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WATCH: Iranian TV report about joint Iran-China-Russia maritime drill 

On May 20, 2023, Channel 2 (Iran) aired a report about the "Maritime Security Belt 2023" joint Iran-China-Russia maritime exercise, which took place near the United States's Fifth Fleet and in the area of CENTCOM's activity. 

The reporter said that the West is trying to "weaken the Islamic countries and their allies," and he said that Iran, Russia, and China have common goals and that they are "taking steps to expand their defensive perimeters, neutralize threats, and increase and create military capabilities." 

Captain Oleg Gladky, the Commander of Russia's Northern Fleet Missile Ship Division, said that the purpose of the drill is to provide security for the region. Captain Qiu Maoxuan, the Commander of China's Nanning destroyer, said that the drill was very "important" and that he hopes this drill will lead to future "improvements."

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Jeanne Ferguson 00:03 26.05.2023
If Russia and China think they can control Iran they are crazy. They are Hard Line Muslim was. Russia and China are infidels and Muslims believe convert or die.