The Muslim Brotherhood
Ilhan Omar meets with another Muslim despot - Imran Khan

US lawmaker visits ex-Pakistan PM despite his America-bashing

Ilhan traveled all the way to Pakistan in order to visit another one of her Muslim Brotherhood despot - a man who was just forced to step down as Prime Minister and a man well-known for his hatred of American and Americans.

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04:42 21.04.2022
She should be tried for treasonous behavior. But… Islams intent is to control all the world..she is here in America to further that cause.
Lana Benka 04:17 21.04.2022
Un American. She should never be in.our government
Vaughn Groen 02:20 21.04.2022
What an evil, wicked, unpatriotic Muslim. Kick her out of Congress.
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