VIDEO: Independent Reports conclusively prove BBC is wrong - Watch!

The Board of Deputies of British Jews tweeted this video and said:

The BBC’s claim that Jewish people targeted by an antisemitic attack on Oxford Street were themselves guilty of an “anti-Muslim slur” has been proved beyond any doubt to be inaccurate, after the findings of two independent reports published today.

Independent Reports commissioned by Board of Deputies conclusively prove BBC error in antisemitic incident story.

*** NEWSRAEL - Watch this report and tell us your opinion on it in the comment section below! ***

# Media Bias # Britain # Antisemitism
John Tucker 16:06 04.01.2022
BBC are lier's just like the main stream media, The best news that speaks truth is OAN.
Dennis Bell 07:39 04.01.2022
The bbc is only the British cnn. Always wrong and lying.
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