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Jordan to receive advanced US aircraft - what is the justification?

Thiis is a significant future upgrade for the Jordanian Air Force.

Lockheed Martin has announced that an agreement has been officially signed for the sale of 8 F-16 block 70 aircraft, which are considered to be the most advanced attack aircraft. Earlier this year, the US administration approved the deal and will fund it from aid funds granted to Jordan. The value of the deal is about $4.2 billion.
It is estimated that this deal is part of the transfer of Washington's messages to Tehran as Jordan faces problems on its northern border due to increasing activity of pro - Iranian militias in Syrian territory. In addition, these aircraft were intended to serve, if necessary, attacks by the Jordanian Air Force on terrorist targets in remote areas (ISIS in Syria and Iraq).

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Norbert Stager 09:25 20.06.2022
I am not in favor of advanced aircraft to Jordan. No guarantees they won't be used against Israel..
Henry Lee 22:37 19.06.2022
Hope it works!
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