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International Union Of Muslim Scholars To Taliban Delegation: "We Appreciate Your Jihad"

IUMS Head Ahmad Al-Raissouni: We Appreciate Your Jihad And Will Support You

IUMS head Sheikh Ahmad Al-Raissouni greeted the delegation and said: "We are brothers, and our hearts are with you, hour by hour. We are glad to be holding this meeting here [in Doha], and our homes are open to you as well. We thank you again for your faith in us and for your esteem. We too appreciate your jihad and your [religious] knowledge, for you are religious scholars and we share the responsibility of [dispensing religious] knowledge." Al-Raissouni stressed that the IUMS would act to meet any suggestion of the Afghan government and Taliban movement by holding conferences and symposia so that the Taliban could benefit from the experience of others in education, politics, and economics. 

IUMS Secretary-General 'Ali Al-Qaradaghi likewise congratulated the delegation and clarified that "everyone is overjoyed at the Taliban's victories, which are the victories of all Muslims."


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