The Iranian Threat
Iranian Revolutionary Guard UAVs Arrived at T-4 Airport in Syria

A knowledgeable source told a Syrian TV network that at the T-4 military airport, there are currently 8 Iranian-made UAVs, under the management and supervision of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, after Russian forces left the airport during March.

The source stated that two military trucks carrying 3 Iranian-made drones, in addition to arms shipments, entered Iraq on Saturday afternoon, May 1. The trucks were accompanied by 4 Iranian Revolutionary Guards military vehicles and arrived at the military airport that afternoon.

The source explained that at the airport there are currently 8 Iranian patrol UAVs capable of attacking mobile sites and defined targets, 3 of which were activated during April, and used to bomb ISIS sites in Jabal Hyan. The results of the bombing are unknown.

The source noted that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards seek to strengthen their presence at T-4 Airport, which has become the largest Iranian base in Badia - the Syrian desert, in addition to the al-Talila Camp.

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