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Biden's visit: He must navigate Jerusalem with great political sensitivity

The survival of the Bennett government has been a major target of the Biden government for the past year, but the welcome of Biden on July 13 will be the task of caretaker Prime Minister of Lapid. 

US officials have said that Biden is also expected to meet with Netanyahu during his visit and will make an effort to avoid the appearance of interfering in the elections that will take place in four months.

The fall of the government in Jerusalem will force US President Joe Biden to navigate his path with great political sensitivity during his visit to Israel, which will take place less than four months before the Knesset elections.

Photo: Reuters

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CaptJinx Marine 13:09 26.06.2022
Biden can’t navigate his own pull ups.
Elba Montalvo 11:14 26.06.2022
Biden navigate with sensitivity? Bad timing.
Rodney Dotson 04:39 26.06.2022
I’m afraid that Biden doesn’t navigate very well !?!
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