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WATCH: Veterans Affairs lawyer faces call to resign after mocking Israelis

'There is no place at VA for anti-Semitism or any expression of bigotry or hatred,' agency says.

A U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs attorney is under investigation after posting a video to social media to mock Israelis as they plead for the return of their hostages taken by Hamas-led terrorists.

Shekeba Morrad, an appellate attorney for the Office of the General Counsel of the Department of Veterans Affairs, posted a video in which she takes a sarcastic tone and says, "We just want our hostages back. Give us our 200 hostages."

Morrad has since taken the video down, but it was picked up and shared on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, by Canary Mission, which according to its profile "exposes hatred and antisemitism on college campuses and beyond."

Canary Mission:  Shakeba Morrad, an appellate attorney at Office of General Counsel for U.S. @DeptVetAffairs, posted (& later deleted) a video of herself on Instagram mocking Israelis pleading for the return of their citizens being held hostage by Hamas.

Source - Fox News - Video source - Canary Mission/X

Does the article interest you?
[Anonymous] 05:04 30.11.2023
Fire her.
Preston Culp 23:57 29.11.2023
Fire her in fact she should have never been hired
ROD RICHARDSON 19:34 29.11.2023
she’s just another “woke “. demorat, blindly following the party line of bigotry and hate.
Princess Moccasin 18:39 29.11.2023
Why are these hateful people so hideous? She eeks of evil. She needs a come to Jesus moment
LARRY WASWHTON 17:43 29.11.2023
Please vote tump for president in 2024 don’t not believe all fake news all propaganda lies news like cnn news Fox News MSNBC news are all lies
LARRY WASWHTON 17:41 29.11.2023
Joe Biden and Vice President and all democrats are most evil acts of evil should be investigated immediately impeach them more American peoples and isreal peoples not safe no more please vote tump for
Mike Galarneau 17:39 29.11.2023
Deep State Dip Shit!
Alan Feins 17:23 29.11.2023
I wish she could feel the same pain of the hostages and their families.She does seem to need a dose of that medicine.
[Anonymous] 17:20 29.11.2023
It’s past time for her to go. She should never have been hired to begin with. God bless Israel and all the Jewish Nation. May His protective hand be over you.
Heather Redden 17:09 29.11.2023
Democrats are hateful of everything good and right… are people waking up to that yet???😴
Barry Levin 16:47 29.11.2023
Democrats have ruined America. Absolutely nothing is better with them in power. More division, more hate, more poverty, more wars, less income, less unity, less structure to society. And Crime?!!!!
Christine Miklosik 16:23 29.11.2023
Democrats are very hateful people. Thank you for Canary mission on exposing this piece of shit of a person.
DANIEL WALSH 16:22 29.11.2023
The level of Evil these anti Semitic people have is mind blowing . God Bless Israel 🇮🇱 always.
[Anonymous] 16:12 29.11.2023
Vile!!!..no other words
Sharon Faulkner 16:09 29.11.2023
Not surprising. Remember the Democrat lawyer who said she had no sympathy for the victims of the Las Vegas Massacre because they were all conservatives?
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