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Israeli phone app successfully predicts heart failure through speech

From a person’s voice, HearO app can detect fluid accumulation in the lungs that could lead to heart failure.

Speech-processing startup Cordio Medical announced that its HearO app successfully predicted 82 percent of first congestive heart failure cases in patients that took part in a study, on average 18 days before the incident occurred.

The study collected 460,000 voice samples from 180 patients across 10 medical centers in Israel. The participants used the HearO app at home and sent a voice sample once a day in Hebrew, Arabic, or Russian.

Image - Unsplash

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Dretch 20:44 28.11.2022
Obviously, before it gets to that point Selina :)
Selina 18:07 28.11.2022
I can easily detect that without the app. When people have fluid in thier lungs they cough alot and generally look green around the gills. 🙄
Gary Rush 16:04 28.11.2022