The War in Syria
BREAKING - Syria has begun forcibly joining the armed militias in the east of the country to its ranks as a first step in pushing Iran out

A news network operating in eastern Syria - "Media River" reports that the senior command of the Assad Army Republic Division has informed the unofficial armed militias that they must join the ranks of the Syrian army, and complete all their missions as part of the auxiliary militias.

The reporter added that the Republican Guard Division allocates militiamen only 24 hours to implement the decision.

It is worth noting that each auxiliary militia has a military force from the Syrian army that protects it (such as al-Hadi forces are close and protected by units of the Republican Guard Division, the military intelligence forces protect the Military Defense Defense Militia, 4 division forces defend the militia. 

The commander of the al-Hadi forces (Samar al-Sufan) is from the town of al-Foa in the rural area of Idlib, and is a Shiite in his religion and close to the Iranian militias.

It should be noted that Bashar al-Assad proposed a reconciliation project dedicated to the residents of Deir a-Zour district, to settle their situation and reconcile with his regime, on November 14th.


This is no doubt that this step originated in a Russian directive designed to begin dismantling the semi-military forces in the east of the country and joining the army as a first step before dismantling all Syrian militias active that are loyal to Iran and also operating in the east, a step that will be followed by forcing Iranian militias from \ Syria and their transfer to Iraqi territory. 

Russia sees it as its top mission to apply to all of Syrian territory to the Assad regime in the first step before the human and economic reconstruction of the country that was destroyed after more than 10 years of civil war.

In fact, the Syrian operation in the east of the country is a copy of the action plan currently underway in southern Syria, in the provinces of Daraa, Quneitra and Suida. Here, too, the Iranians are involved in military and civilian activity and there is a Russian-Syrian effort, with some Israeli "help", in pushing the Iranians out of this area as well.

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