MK Nir Barkat, Likud calls on Israeli govt to support law against "Palestinian consulates"

MK Nir Barkat, Likud: "I am happy that in light of the public struggle we led, the government withdrew from the negotiations on the issue of opening the Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem after passing the budget. 

I now call on the government to move from declarations of action and publicly support the bill I submitted and prevent the establishment of Palestinian consulates in the law. 

The fact of Jerusalem being the capital of a united Israel is non-negotiable."

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Selina 06:35 07.11.2021
Rickey Butterworth 23:59 06.11.2021
darrel snider 23:24 06.11.2021
Truth it is from Jesus time the capital.
Cindy Stromberg 23:09 06.11.2021
GOD won't let it happen yet. Jerusakem is Israel's capital!
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