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WATCH: Alyssa Farah Griffin SLAMS women organizations for not condemning Hamas

The silence from international women’s organizations in failing to condemn Hamas’ use of sexual violence against Israeli women is deafening.

You are not pro-women if you can’t condemn rape by terrorists. Shameful.

Source - Alyssa Farah Griffin

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Mike Galarneau 02:31 30.11.2023
This whole thing is Sickening!
[Anonymous] 23:29 29.11.2023
The Hamas gang raped women. They cut off their breasts and played catch with them while continuing to rape them. One Satanist had to shoot the women in her head to even reach his climax!
Kevin Mac 19:40 29.11.2023
American Feminists are the Death Merchants of BABIES!
William Fontes 18:55 29.11.2023
I guess these women's rights organizations are just for when it comes to killing babies in the womb. Rape n killing women by hamas has no objection by their leaders.
Heather Redden 18:04 29.11.2023
They only want to be “ pro- women” when it suites their choice to dis-member 👺their own babies, other than that they don’t give a shit💩
My Camry 18:04 29.11.2023
I’m sure the leftist two faced communist whores more than likely pushed back on her comments. Fuck them all.
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