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Russian delegation visits Syrian T-4 base after the attack and receives a damage report

Today, Saturday, a Russian military delegation along with a delegation from the Syrian Ministry of Defense visited the T-4 military airport, east of Homs, to meet with Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders on the spot and be updated on the damage caused by unidentified airstrikes that attacked the airport last night.

A knowledgeable military source told the Syrian news network operating in the east of the country - "Eye of the Euphrates", that the visit began at eight in the morning and was conducted in parallel with an intensive military deployment to secure the delegation, which accompanied the Russian team.

The damage suffered by the attack included the demolition of 60 percent of the aerial radar capabilities that had fallen out of use, the demolition of seven military vehicles, and the destruction of an Iranian "ground-to-ground" missile engine that was installed on a "Zil" military vehicle.

A weapons depot that was emptied of its contents by the Revolutionary Guards last week was also violently destroyed and transferred to another warehouse inside the airport, which led to the destruction of the warehouse that did not have any weapons inside.

The drones that were located in Hangar 1 and Hangar 2 were not damaged in the attack because these hangars were not under the intention.

Inside the airport, there were 6 UAVs ready for immediate action and two were in maintenance due to technical malfunctions. All were owned by the Revolutionary Guards, who took over the Syrian airbase T-4 in mid-February this year, after reaching an understanding with the Russians, which led to their departure from the airport. The Iranians gained full control of the military airport in Palmyra (Tadmor).


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