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Division 4 Has Become a Mixture of Iranian Mercenaries Specializing in the Extermination of Syrians

According to Syrian sources, When Division 4 of the Syrian regime withdrew from the vicinity of the besieged neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad (as part of the implementation of the terms of the latest agreement to deploy  Syrian regime forces within the city to 9 points in different neighborhoods to monitor the peoples' movements and make reconciliation agreements with rebel forces), the Syrian regime under Maher al-Assad, the brother of the Syrian president, became a mixture of multinational ethnic militias driven by superstitions of Yilat al-Fakiya (the main regime) in Iran. 

The Naba news site, which specializes in news from Daraa province, revealed during the military campaign on the city of Daraa the presence of commanders and soldiers from the Iranian militias, side by side with Syrian regime forces, participating in the bloodshed of the people of  Daraa, destroying their city and venting their anger on their mosques.

Forces from the Afghan Patmion militia also took part in the military operations against the local Syrians.

In addition to the Lebanese Hezbollah's Radwan battalions, and the Hajj units under the command of Abu Turab al - Lubanani who receive direct orders from the Iranian embassy in Damascus, and the Iraqi Lions Brigade, and Imam al - Hussein.

It is clear that the very participation of these forces in the siege of Daraa as part of Division 4 proves that the latter has become a militia with purely ethnic goals that have no connection besides to exterminate and plunder as many Syrians as possible, taking ransom and royalties from anyone crossing the checkpoints throughout the region.

The presence of Iranian militias in the border areas with neighboring countries is a clear violation of the settlement agreement in which Russia was involved in 2018, under which it was agreed to remove Iranian militias from the border for 80 kilometers, i.e. a withdrawal to the Kiswa area on the Damascus-Daraa road.

Russia seems to have played a malicious game by turning Iranian militias into an element of pressure- or the kind of crazy dog ​​they can release or restrain whenever they want.

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Rhoda Wright 03:58 09.09.2021
Crazy ( with rabies ) dog is a perfect description of these terrorists from the Middle East. And the devil is surely in them & needs to be cast out !
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