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Senior Defense officials: Israel has hit 75% of Iran's weapons in Syria

Israel has damaged 75 percent of Iran's weapons in Syria, senior security officials said in closed-door talks. They detailed in the same talks that some of the damaged weapons were manufactured in Iran and smuggled to Syria by land, air and sea, and some were for forces in Syrian itself.

The sources also said that Israel's level of deterrence against Iran in Syria and the Assad regime had been fully achieved, according to data presented to the political echelon regarding the extent of the attacks in Syria (without referring to the attack attributed to Israel tonight).

It was learned that the attacks attributed to the IDF include damage to unmanned aerial vehicles of various types, missiles, rockets, components of air defense systems, infrastructure for the production of weapons and more.

Possibility of attack in Iran

The United States recently praised Israel for its activities against Iran in Syria, emphasizing the level of deterrence that led to the response to attacks attributed to Israel in Syria - the Iranians attacked a U.S. base in the al-Tanf area, the border triangle between Syria, Jordan and Iraq.

The question that hovers in the air in the defense establishment and in dialogue with the Americans is what will happen when Israel decides to attack Iran.

Meanwhile, Israel is closely monitoring Russia's talks with the United States in Vienna on Syria's future and how it will be conducted in the future.

The messages that came out of Israel were very clear that as long as the Iranians or proxies on their behalf including Hezbollah continue to stay on Syrian soil and try to establish bases or smuggle weapons - Israel will defend its security and preserve its right to attack.

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Bobby Barnett 03:08 08.12.2021
God will have the final say He will defend Israel God has never lost a battle.
Thomas Murray 18:37 07.12.2021
5. Even though Russia and Israel should have common cause to contain Iran, I do not expect any help from Russia on talks related to Iran, Israel and the Middje East.
Thomas Murray 18:35 07.12.2021
4. Russia also worries about Iranian interference in the Muslim Republics south of Russia. Sadly, Russia’s history of anti-semitism and wanting to get at the US will work against Israel.
Thomas Murray 18:33 07.12.2021
3. This is why Putin is threatening Ukraine, in addition to wanting unfettered access to the Black Sea. Russia should understand Israel’s position.
Thomas Murray 18:30 07.12.2021
2. Russia consider countries allied with NATO on its borders an existential threat, given the history of repeated invasions and attacks from the west—Poland, Germany, post-Revolution intervention)
Thomas Murray 18:27 07.12.2021
1. Some countries understand existential threats, and others do not. Iran under the current leadership poses an existential threat to Israel.
darrel snider 16:24 07.12.2021
Israel 80 percent destroying Iran stuff
Heriberto Valhuerdi 16:22 07.12.2021
Great! The best defense for Israel is strong offense. Shalom
Danny Brackett 16:05 07.12.2021
Wonderful Shalom 🇮🇱