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VIDEO: Israeli archaeologists find proof of King David

Israeli researchers have discovered written records of the biblical King David.

If you are looking for evidence of biblical Jewish history, you can be sure Israeli archaeologists and researchers are going to find it for you.

Most recently, Israeli researchers have been able to verify that the Mesha Stele, also called the Moabite Stone, contains clear proof of King David’s existence.

Watch and learn about the Mesha Stele and what text led the researchers to their conclusions!

Source ILTV/Youtube

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15:22 01.10.2023
What does the does the confirmation of King David and his dynasty have to do with Jesus? Did both Jews of the 7th cent BCE, and Christians in the 1st cent CE ascribe the Messiah to David’s house? Yes
Marine x 04:35 01.10.2023
Very wrong, first, you like to claim that jesus's father was HaShem himself so he is not a decent of King David and cannot be the True Messiah
03:22 01.10.2023
There can only be one messiah. We know from the book of Matthew that Jesus was a descendent of King David through both Joseph’s line, and his mother’s line.  Who else?