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Acre Restaurant and Hotel Destroyed by May Riots Now Rebuilt, and are Hugely Successful!

Acre’s Uri Buri seafood restaurant and the Efendi Hotel recently landed top spots on TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best list.

The two establishments are owned by Uri Jeremias, who’s been serving visitors to the mixed Arab-Israeli city his signature fish and seafood dishes for decades, and, more recently, offering them a stay in a beautifully renovated luxury hotel.

Both the restaurant and the hotel made headlines this spring for less celebratory reasons when they were torched during the wave of violence that struck Israel during the latest military round with Hamas in Gaza.

Jeremias has since vowed to rebuild what was destroyed and continue to serve as a model of coexistence in the city.

The Efendi Hotel came in No. 1 in the Top 10 Small Hotels – Middle East category, with TripAdvisor recommendations noting that the “perfect weekend getaway” “makes you feel like Ottoman royalty.”

Uri Buri also came in 19th in the “Best Fine Dining Restaurants – World” category.  TripAdvisor recommended its “great seafood with clever and tasty combinations” and urged visitors to “get the tasting menu and just enjoy the dishes as they come.”

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מתניהו גליק 02:04 17.08.2021
Uri is one of my heros, I'm glad he could rebuild!
Karolina De 19:30 11.08.2021