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Video Report: Are Israel And Gaza Headed For War?

Is another major Gaza war on the horizon?

Three major developing Middle East stories:

1) Israel strikes Hamas targets overnight after a rocket is launched out of Gaza. Is another major Gaza war on the horizon?

2) U.S. Central Command announced that it recently intercepted a massive Iranian weapons shipment that was headed to Yemen and the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

3) Iran is vowing retaliation against Israel for a drone attack in the Iranian city of Isfahan last weekend. 

Source: Watchman Newscast/Youtube

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Anthony Bowker 21:24 04.02.2023
I hope and pray not but it’s not looking good . If it does Israel will win and countless lives will be lost unnecessarily. And all because Iran .
Jeanne Ferguson 02:31 03.02.2023
Wipe them out. Don't stop until they are all dead. All should worship at the Temple Mount.
[Anonymous] 00:04 03.02.2023
Prophesy coming to fruition, Ezekiel 38
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