Iranian militias are sending new reinforcements to Syria in the campaign against ISIS

Iranian militias sent new military reinforcements into Syrian territory on Sunday evening through the Al-Qaeda crossing on the Iraqi border.

A Zeitun correspondent said reinforcements included 15 four-wheeled armoוred vehicles and Scania cargo trucks carrying ammunition crates.

These reinforcements turned to the Syrian desert (Badia) area, where fighting is taking place between Assad's forces and Iranian militias against ISIS cells deployed in the area.

The reporter noted that the arrival of Iranian reinforcements increased at the same time as Assad's forces sent more than 340 troops to the Suhana area in the eastern rural area of ​​Homs district and 12 tanks to the T4 base, where a new campaign against ISIS cells in the area is expected to begin.

It should be noted that the Syrian desert area, which stretches from the eastern rural area of ​​Homs to the Iraqi border near the rural area of ​​Deir a-Zour district, often witnesses clashes between Assad's forces and ISIS cells operating in ambushes and raids.

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