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The Palestinian Ministry of Finance: Israel took an unprecedented amount from clearing house funds

Israel controls the clearing house funds, which it collects for the Palestinian Authority as part of the Oslo Accords.

The amount, 276 million shekels (roughly $81 million) is equivalent to the total amount the PA transferred this month to the families of Palestinian militants and terrorists, and was offset as a punitive measure.

Newsrael: This is only a small measure to help deter future 'Pay-For-Slay' by the Corrupt PA and Hamas

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La Jun 22:35 02.02.2023
Stop funding em. Who's funding hamas and assbollah? The U.N., EU, China, Gates, Soros, WEF, U.S. Government
Jason Lipstein 22:02 02.02.2023
Smotrich G-d bless you.