IDF Military Operation
VIDEO: IDF hit a sensitive Hamas factory in attack

"This is a significant offset of capacity for Hamas," a security source said. "This was an underground 'secret' compound where they produce explosives. Because of our stiffling their ability to smuggle materials they need into the Gaza Strip from Egypt and Israel, they are forced to produce these chemicals themselves.

This was a very painful blow for them."

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Henry Lee 04:33 17.07.2022
Whatever vital info regarding keep it quiet until the time to strike. Make it painful that they will think twice before allowing rockets to hit at Israel. God bless you Israel!
Douglas MacGregor 22:32 16.07.2022
Good keep it up
Jeane Frady 19:41 16.07.2022
IDF!!!!!!! 👊. 🙏🇮🇱🇮🇱
Daniel Hne 19:33 16.07.2022
Lord Jesus Christ, let YOUR HOLY WILL BE DONE, IN YOUR NAME AMEN ✌👏♥️👑👑👑
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