The China Threat
The Atlantic: China is preparing for imminent war with the United States

The American magazine estimates that "China is preparing for an imminent war that may include the United States," explaining that "such a war could lengthen and lead to frightening results."

Atlantic magazine, in a report published on Monday, noted that "China sees the 1920s (of this century) as a time when it will have strong incentives to seize lost territory and dismantle alliances seeking to halt its progress."

The report believes that "Beijing has big regional ambitions, in addition to a strategic culture that places emphasis on "First attack, and and attack hard."

"If a conflict breaks out, senior U.S. officials should not be optimistic about how the conflict will end, and restraining or reversing the course of Chinese aggression in the western Pacific may require widespread use of force," the report said.

The magazine summed up its report by saying, "The warning signs from China are already flashing red, and in fact considering the reasons and circumstances in which China decides to go to war is key to understanding how much America and other countries do not fully understand Beijing's moves."

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Paul McInerney 18:57 13.01.2022
Next 90 Days should be interesting.
Dan Getzin 21:01 12.01.2022
Aggression from the Norks and Beijing may necessitate a perfectly calculated aggressive response on the part of the Free World.
Bing Bingham 20:37 12.01.2022
It not going to get any better....but know...God is in control 🙏
John Giles 20:10 12.01.2022
Attacking fast and hard didn’t work for the Japanese in the 2nd world war and China will find out hard way it won’t work now
20:08 12.01.2022
Regarding The Holy Bible: and there will be rumors of wars. Jesus is coming back Soon! Hallelujah Praise Be To God! ✝️❤️🇮🇱
Jeanne Ferguson 00:09 04.11.2021
May God have mercy on us all.
Patricia Maple 21:41 03.11.2021
May God have Mercy on this world
Christopher Eric 20:41 03.11.2021
Walk in the truth in the spirit. Those who endure to the end will be saved.
Nick Horsky 20:28 03.11.2021
darrel snider 20:21 03.11.2021
Time is coming to Jesus returning sooner now
Jose Rivera 20:18 03.11.2021
Sounds to me like the rapture of the church is just around the corner,, Praise the Lord God Almighty,,HALLELUYA,,
Edna Messer 20:13 03.11.2021
China will at some point go against Israel which will bring on WW3
Philip Abrams 18:05 03.11.2021
Can you say..prophecy
Sam Hawkins 17:19 03.11.2021
Bring it on we would destroy China
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