The Negev
The Wild West (in the Negev?)

In the settlement of Givot Bar, gunshots were heard. Residents who came to the area to check on what was happening at the scene and acted on the police's request to obtain documentation from the scene were caught in a wedding in a Bedouin tent.

The wedding participants began to chase threaten the Jews and angrily called on the residents to leave the area.

The threats and chase continued as they pelted them with stones and attempted to block the road..

Chairman of Jewish power, MK Itamar Ben Gvir, responded:

The significant result of the commonality of terrorist supporters in the coalition is the complete abandonment of the southerners who live under fear. The inscription on the wall and only an opaque government can not read on the wall are written: "The Negev in danger, please save us. If the government does not wake up, we will lose the entire Negev. "

The Negev Rescue Committee warns again: "The lack of governance in the Negev leads to anarchy not far from the day when the residents will take the law into their own hands.

This is one terrorist event of many kinds, which takes place daily in the wild Negev. The residents of the Negev are crying out for help! We call on the Israeli government, sovereignty - now! "

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Ben Levine 08:03 23.09.2021
It's really quite simple. Those guilty of random acts of violence or connected with the gangs extorting protection payments will be relocated a few strides to the west...Gaza. Problem solved.
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