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Religious Zionism party lashes out at Bennett and Shaked

"Bennett and Shaked, who promised a government with "10 degrees to the right", are proving once again this morning that they are the red carpet for supporters of terrorism and the left in the government.

After the freezing of the evacuation in Khan al-Ahmar and the surrender to Mansour Abbas with the freezing of the rubble in the Negev, they are rushing this morning to evacuate Jewish families designated for settlement.

When on one hand a proposal is currently being promoted to regulate illegal settlements in the Negev and, one the other, despite the obligations they made, no new Jewish settlement is being approved, it is clear that Bennett and Shaked have one law for terrorists and one law for Jews. How shamefull!"

Spokeswoman for Religious Zionism

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Calvin Cooley 16:18 27.07.2021
Benjamin Netenyahu must be restored.
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