Iran Deal
Did US Halt Hezbollah Narco-Terror Sting to Push Iran Nuclear Deal?

Israeli filmmaker Duki Dror explores the controversial subject in a new documentary.

Israeli filmmaker Duki Dror’s new documentary, “The Cassandra Prophecy,” retells the story of “Project Cassandra,” an eight-year operation led by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency with the assistance of the Israeli Mossad, targeting a six-continent drug-trafficking and money-laundering enterprise that financed Hezbollah’s terrorist activities in Israel, the United States and elsewhere.

With the help of Israeli intelligence, American agents conducted drug raids, confiscated billions of dollars, arrested senior Hezbollah officials, and severely damaged the terror organization’s pipeline of laundered cases. It was a successful model for economic warfare repeated elsewhere to this day.

Then, it all just stopped - and disappeared as if nothing happened.

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