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COS Kochavi speech and warning to Hezbollah and Lebanon [VIDEO]

Against the background of the existing threat, Chief of Staff Kochavi warned that in the next war there would be many missiles and rockets shot at Israel that would cause damage to property and lives. 

Meanwhile, he surveyed the offensive aspect of the IDF and sent a clear message to the people of Lebanon: "I suggest you leave before the first shot is fired - the intensity of the attack will be something you have ever seen."

He added: "A power plant that provides Hezbollah with electricity during combat is a target for attack," said Lt. Col. Aviv Kochavi today at the first Israeli Home Front Preparedness Conference. In addition, he described how the IDF is preparing for the next war: defense, air defense, attack and national infrastructure.

The chief of staff also hinted that the IDF was responsible for the damage to the airport in Damascus and clarified: "We will continue to attack dual, civilian and military infrastructure in the future, and destruction will be sown at a tremendous rate of attack."

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CaptJinx Marine 18:16 13.06.2022
Gotta love this guy.
Dalya Horowitz 13:04 13.06.2022
This is what Israel needs to do to exist.
John Steedley 03:39 13.06.2022
I will create blindness in Damascus. Your eyes will be white and those that are mines emeralds for my glory. Mines are blue to bring Glory to another
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