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WH National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan expected to visit Israel soon

The Biden administration is concerned about the new government's policy on Palestinians and the settlements in the West Bank. Sullivan will be the first American senior official to visit Israel after the new government has taken office. A visit from Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected soon thereafter

Sullivan is expected to meet with Netanyahu and incoming Israeli National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi, as well as with Ron Dermer, the new Minister of Strategic Affairs, with whom he is already familiar from Dermer's time in D.C. as Israeli Ambassador to the US/

Secretary Blinken emphasized in a Friday morning message that the Biden administration will oppose Israeli policies that would jeopardize the ability to reach a two-state solution and that would be in conflict with Israel's and U.S.' common interests. 

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[Anonymous] 14:23 31.12.2022
Israel is better off not allowing these American fools in their country. But, Gods has a plan! He uses and appoints ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things!
[Anonymous] 23:04 30.12.2022
Biden was placed in power by God for such a time as this. We see. the changes foretold. Even when all nations turn against Israel. They will triumph. US government is not a friend of Israel.
Jeanne Ferguson 18:58 30.12.2022
Biden is Evil! I'm American and against this ridiculous 2 state solution. No way will it work. God gave the land to Isreal. Palestines will not be satisfied with it.
Theresa Parsons 18:41 30.12.2022
Agreed @Ann Marie
Ann Marie 18:30 30.12.2022
Why do they bother going to Israel.? 2 state - really?? That's disgusting to push the 2 state policy. That is evil.
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