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"Stars and Stripes": US Fighting Capabilities Against the Superpowers are Eroded to the Core

The American news site Stars and Stripes claims that "US capabilities to fight large powers, such as China or Russia, have eroded as a result of nearly two decades of fighting against rebels."

Here are the main considerations:

* - Whole generations of soldiers have experience in war, but the wars of the future will not be so similar to the wars fought by US soldiers in recent decades.

* - In the coming years, changes in the strategy and tactics of the US military are expected to be more urgent.

* - After two decades of fighting the uprisings, the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) is re-orienting itself into a major power contest and this will require significant re-equipment.

* - A war against China or Russia will result in the loss of lives and equipment far beyond what was in the worst days in Iraq or Afghanistan.

* - War games that simulate a test of strength against Russia or China often end in a crushing defeat to the United States.

* - The declared war on terror after 9/11 changed almost every aspect of the American approach to battle.

* - The strategy, which relies on elite forces, backed by air strikes and the use of real-time communications, will change in the face of an advanced technological rival like China.

* - The Taliban did not have missiles capable of sinking aircraft carriers and destroying airports, or the ability to shoot down refueling planes, air control planes and radars.

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Philip Abrams 00:22 10.09.2021
The US post Vietnam..lost Afghanistan..lost Iraq..
Charles Wells 23:34 09.09.2021
Well the great have fallen, oh, mighty country, war for the profit of industrial military complex, the people have fallen into a trap.😞🎻🎢🎡🎢
David Paul 23:25 09.09.2021
Israel be prepared for Ezekiel 38-39 war. If US didn't help Afghanistan, it'll not help you as well. Only sovereign Lord is your help.
Larry Carter 22:44 09.09.2021
All Empires that stretched their resources to the limit soon led to their downfall. USA is the last before the final war between good, and evil, setting the stage for Jesus Christ return.
Anna Payton 22:31 09.09.2021
Understand this biden hates America and Americans, if we went into war, he would turn this country over to the taliban, he rolled his eyes at one of the fallen soldiers mother, biden is a disgrace.
Anna Payton 22:28 09.09.2021
Human mice.
Anna Payton 22:28 09.09.2021
Biden told the doj to sue Texas, because they passed a law stating that, women cannot get an abortion after 6 weeks, because a baby has a heartbeat then, and they are wanting to use aborted babies for
Michele Coviello 22:26 09.09.2021
As long as the Biden administration is in, don't count on the USA. He is an appeased, he not Trump. Al least with President Trump, you knew where he stood. GOD BLESS ISRAEL.βœ‘βœοΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Anna Payton 22:24 09.09.2021
Polosi and biden is moral rot in our nation, she wants 200 million for a golf course in California, and there is so many homeless, more than ever before, ever since illegitimate joey got in office
Dave Nowak 22:21 09.09.2021
I'm coming for you next
Anna Payton 22:21 09.09.2021
When there is moral rot in a nation, its government topples easy, but wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability. Proverbs 28:2 biden is illegitimate and moral rot.
Terry Walley 22:21 09.09.2021
To the morons on this board who assert themselves as being Israelis are seemingly unawares that the greatest military in the entire world belongs too Israel not the United States
Calvin S 22:10 09.09.2021
I believe that the US military will lose if they get into a conflict with either China or Russia or anyone else because they are the most hated ones in the world.
Nick Horsky 22:08 09.09.2021
NOT with the fricking leaders we have! Being WOKE is more important that fighting!
Rodney Dotson 22:05 09.09.2021
This is really beginning to look like the seenario
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